NGK Movie Review & Rating – Could Have Been A Better Movie

NGK Movie Review

For all Suriya’s fan, NGK was one of the most awaited movies. Also, from the last couple of year, Suriya movie has no good luck. In fact, the last movie that got some attention was Ayan and Singam. NGK movie is about an educated person who tries to enter politics by going through the basics. Now, to how exactly the movie is, keep reading NGK Movie review.

Review of NGK Story – The Letdown

The story is about a Ph.D. holder who used to work in an MNC, but quits his job and get into Agriculture. During that, he gets married played by Sai Pallavi. NGK (Suriya) always believed in good deeds, hence help people. Because of this, he gains a good reputation in the village.

All of a sudden, NGK, decides to join politics and joins a local MLA, Gopalam. As he joins Gopalam, his reputation increases and wins the election. Till here everything is fine in the story, but how Gopalam becomes popular is still a question.

All of a sudden, NGK gains a lot of fo attention and the chief of his party send goons to murder him. By the time we understand anything, NGK has already archived the goal he was looking for. Until the first half, the movie is going smooth, but later the story gets quite disturbed. In fact, we believe that the movie fails only because of the story and Direction.

Sai Pallavi, Rakul & Suriya’s Acting – Have Done Their Job

There is no issue on anyone acting in the movie.  Rakul Preet comes for a very short period of time, and what she has acted is up to the mark. On the other hand, Sai Pallavi plays a very important role in the move, but the story outlines her.

Suriya’s role in the movie is quite similar to others, but the execution of his to get involved with the character is mesmerizing. All the actors in the movie have acted well, but the entire movie is focused on Suriya, which does not give any waited to the movie. We believe that Sai Pallavi’s role in the movie could have added more value than Suriya’s.

Direction Review

The direction is what the movie lacks the most. Selva Raghavan has tried hard to bring many things in just one movie, but could not do well with it. In fact, he had made the movie so simple and predictable which makes the movie quite boring. On the other hand, the story that is too fast does not connect to frames.

On the other hand, even the songs of the movie are not up to the mark, that is a huge disappointment.

NGK Verdict Review

If we talk about the movie NGK, we would not suggest you watch this movie. It has very basic acting, and a confusing storyline, which is not worth watching. But, what actually keeps the movie intact is Suriya’s acting. If you are a big-time Suriya’s fan, then you might love to see him in this movie. In fact, there is nothing new to see in this movie. Hence, don’t have a high expectation on the movie.

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